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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lincoln Gets Baptised

It was a day full of family and giving our attention to Lincoln!

On Sunday we had Lincoln baptised at our church.  We weren't sure if we wanted to have him baptised at the church since we hadn't been going lately and were questioning where we were going to go.  In the end, our kids are the fifth generation from the Watson family in the church, and it does bring a deeper meaning to do it in a family church.

This day meant (and has with the other two) a lot to us and brings us back to our faith.

We met with the minister the week before and really liked her!  This made our decision feel right.  It was her first baptism in the church and she spent a lot of time with Lincoln.

It was neat to have our whole family up front and letting Mack and Avery whiteness Lincoln being introduced to the congregation.  It was hard for me to contain my tears of joy.

He did great and was talking into the microphone:). This is the outfit Mack wore as well.

Avery and Mack joined their cousins for the children's part...we have got to get them away from these blankets haha!
Afterwards we had a reception at our house.  Both grandparents did so much for us and we are thankful!!!!!  We had lots of yummy food and of course the signature drinks from my dad.

The cousins played and fact I'm pretty sure I've never seen our upstairs look the way it did when they were done.
Lincoln's cake

Then everyone left and our family of five hung out and opened some beautiful presents from our family and friends.

I know he won't remember this day, but we will always remember the day when Lincoln was welcomed into the church and promised to be raised with Jesus's love.  Thank you to our friends and family who helped make this day so special! 

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