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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Three, Two and 4 Month Pictures

It's so hard to get pictures with these three! Our nanny had a photo session with them and of course Mack and Avery woke up with colds and didn't want to take pictures. I think she did a great job getting them and I am pleased to have what she captured!!! It's much better to have them done at home.

She brought this Lincoln Log cute!

Now, I thought it was hard getting Mack and Avery...try these three!

This picture is so cute!  That is my Samantha doll from my childhood.
This one melts my heart!

Lincoln was not happy this day, but we managed to capture his awsome smile!

I think the one below is perfect!


  1. I really love these pictures and hope that I get to meet sweet Lincoln someday. I can't believe that the two "big kids" have birthdays next month! Where did the time go?!

  2. Pretty pictures. I am always impressed when anyone can get my kids in a halfway decent picture. Your 3 are pretty adorable.