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Monday, July 2, 2012

Now That's a Family!

I have to start with a little background...

When I was little we always got together with our cousins-a lot of the time it was at the Lake of the Ozarks. My parents moved away from everyone when we were little, but they did a great job of making sure we had time with them. It was always a LONG drive from Chicago or Minnesota down to the lake, but thank goodness I have these memories. Since I had two older brothers and no sisters my cousins became like sibblings in a way!

This year, for the first time, we began a new tradition. Reunion weekend at the Lake! It had been a while since we all got together and it was great to catch up. It's nice to be around our family because even though time/babies/life has changed we all can have fun together. Through the years we have multiplied so it is a MUCH bigger crowd now.

For my kids the week started off exciting because our neice Millie came and stayed with us.  She was such a great help and entertained Mack and Avery!
Millie, Mack, and Avery at the spray yard

She slept in Avery's room-this was a big deal to Avery and they did a lot of playing late at night.

On Thursday morning we loaded up the car and headed down to the lake.  There were no naps that day because everyone came over and the excitment was high around our house.  Here is a picture of my two flower girls holding my babies!  Gwen is 10 years old now and Millie is 7-where has the time gone?  Gwen was amazing with all the little ones and Mack was pretty in love with her all week!
Gwen, Millie, Avery and Mack

There was a lot of eating happening that they don't normally get to snowcones and fruit rollups! 

On Friday we headed to the pool.  It was really hot out so we didn't stay long, but it's amazng how many kids there were!

Avery and Adalynn

Josie and Mack

We all went back to our house and had pizza Friday night.  It's so easy to keep your kids entertained-even though they were exhusted!

On Saturday more of the family arrived and we all swam, BBQ, and played! 

It was about 105 outside, so Avery and Mack were loaded up on liquids!

What would a party be without some fireworks?

My grandpa was part of this weekend.  He is going to be 90 years old!  Here he is with almost all his great grand babies.  There were 14 babies!

We had all the kids make shirts so they can remember this weekend!

Here are the creators of this family (minus my Uncle Ralph and his family)

We need to fix this picture a little so you can see the picture of my grandma.  It's amazing we got everyone that was there in this picture.
There are so many more pictures to share with everyone, but I am going to put them on Shutterfly and create a book if you are interested!  Thank you for the memories of our first Reunion Weekend!!!!!


  1. Wow. What a family! I married into a family like this. My husband is so close to his extended family. We see most of them on a monthly basis and my in-laws every Sunday. I love it. And love that my kids will one day no all their kids. (We are the only ones with kids so far.) Great memories!

    1. It's nice to have that for your kids! We go to mark's parents on Sundays as well. It means a lot to be with family!

  2. Wow!!!! What a great time!!!!

    I grew up going to my grandparents' farm and have memories I will never forget. Except all the farming in 100+ heat. ;)

    1. Yes the heat is awful, but I hope its not what we remember!

  3. Oh my goodness look at all those KIDS !!! It looks like you all had a great weekend.