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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nail Polish...Friend or Foe?

When I was little nail polish was an issue with my mom and I. I tended to not listen to her-EVER- and would get it everywhere. Not only the nail polish, but the remover. I think I have ruined two or three of their kitchen tables and other counter tops. Yet I never learned! Even today I still am careless with it...for example: Today Mark took Mack to the doctor to figure out why he is SO cranky (it was an ear infection). Since Avery and I had some alone time I asked if she wanted her nails painted.
Of course she said yes! She is so good and sits the whole time-she is even careful afterwards to let them dry. This means she is getting closer to getting pedicures with me-YES!!!!
Then I left the nail polish in reaching distance with the lid off...
You would think at 30 years old and two kids later that I would have learned-NOPE! I came around the corner to find her bent over her toes repainting them. YIKES! I quickly stopped her and told her no...but it was too late. Look closely...
So, my question is-is this KARMA? Nail polish...Friend or Foe?

Sorry Mom!

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