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Monday, July 6, 2015

One Way to Catch up

If I want to ever get back into blogging, I am going to need to catch up.  This blog post is VERY long, but it will get me caught up to current day.  We were out of our house for about 13 weeks and lived with Mark's parents (Nanny and Papa H.)  our lives carried on and we got to spend some quality time with family.  I am going to go through our journey in pictures and then I will be caught up!
Mark finished the Chicken Coop.  The kids enjoyed working and helping through this process.  We did decide to wait for our chickens to arrive until we moved back in.  I think Nanny and Papa H. were happy with this decision.

The kids were always busy with Nanny.  They spent so much time with her.

Mack and Avery completed their first year of soccer and had a little brother cheering them along.  Next fall they will each be on their own teams:/ so our Saturdays will be spent at the soccer field.

Easter came and went, but not without a celebration.

They are becoming much more used to taking group pictures for us.  We went to church and then had the Watson family over for dinner and an Easter egg hunt.

Many afternoons, after work and school, we would stop by the park to get some energy out!

We made some trips to St. Louis to visit my parents.

I had moments that just had to be captured!  This was a view I wanted to remember-he looks so little.

Avery showed her cousin's Flat Stanley around school.

Meanwhile our house was transforming.

Every Tuesday Lincoln went to soccer with Meme and he LOVED it.  He moved up with some older kids and listened to his coach the whole time.

Dropping a nap for Lincoln was tough sometimes. Especially sitting through your sisters dance class.

I ran another 5K!

These two cousins were just too cute during soccer games.

We had some bonding time with Mark's brothers and sister-in-laws at a wedding.

Avery got her second tooth knocked out by her brother.  It was an accident, but at least her dead tooth is out!

I finished my first year teaching college classes.  These ladies were so fun to teach!

Mack and I got to go to a Cardinal game with friends.

While we were having fun, Nanny and Papa H. took Lincoln to Cooper's Landing and Aunt Heidi took the kids to a friends birthday party.

The kids were always wanting to help!

And they were exhausted often!

But don't worry, Nanny kept them going!

We love hanging with cousins.

Mother's day came and went as well.  I found these two pictures below of our moms:

We are lucky kids to have two ladies who do everything for us and our kids.  We are thankful for their love and time spent with us.

I was totally spoiled with flowers, mimosas and a trip to the garden store.

The end of the school year was exciting and Avery got us all caught up on her work.

Lincoln enjoyed a day at school with mommy. He loved to raise his hand in circle and got in line for lunch.

This was another fun Friday night at the soccer field followed by pizza.

The last day of school was a success!  Avery is ready for Kindergarten, Mack will be in his last year of preschool and Lincoln will start his first year of full day preschool.  My babies are growing up!

Lincoln got to come enjoy the fun too!

That takes us back to our house.  We moved back in over Memorial Day weekend.  Our time spent out of our house was full and we are grateful for the time we had with Nanny and Papa H., but it feels good to be home.

My mom came to help and the kids enjoyed the hotel pool!

Then the next weekend Ireland turned 3 and we "helped" (not very much) them move into their new home.  It's crazy to have a brother and sister in-law that we get to share so many similarities with.  We have had kids close together and moved within a week of each other.  

While moving we found my grandmas's tea sets and Avery loved playing with them and her dolls.

Then it finally happened!  We got our chickens!  We have had a fun time as a family caring for them and learning about them.

Okay...that takes us up to current day!  WOW that was a long post.  It's time to move forward.  Happy summer!

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