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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cousin Craziness This Summer

How many times do I mention my kid's cousins on this blog?  I think almost every post has something about cousins.  My kids have two cousins in this town that are close to their age and during the summer we spend almost everyday with them.  Then only a few hours later they have three more!  

During the raining part of the summer we tried bowling with Cohan and Ireland.  At first we thought there might be multiple games, but we quickly learned one game was enough.
When we came home from bowling that day, I saw my sister-in-law from St. Louis and my niece in my yard.  They thought we were out of town and had to stop by for work.  This turned into Lucie staying with us the remainder of the week.
On the 4th of July we had friends over, but the majority of the kids were...

Luckily these three have these special people in their lives because they are the most antisocial kids!  They prefer to just be with each other when in social situations.

Unless we have special friends over:) 

We did have a break after the 4th and they enjoyed time with our chickens,
Avery and I had a date getting our nails done,
We visited the library,
We snuggled,
and Avery went to ballet camp.  

But of course her brothers and cousins came to watch her perform.
A little McDonalds to celebrate with Papa H.

We had a fun dinner enjoying their cousins new house!

Then Lucie and Gretchen came to stay with us for a week.  It was a fun week, but 5 kids all day everyday was a lot for me:)  At least they will have the memories.

I took them in their PJ's to get two new chickens for our flock.

Of course we spent time at the pool.

two cool dudes!

Once again, we have used today to regroup and gear up for more fun in the sun with their best friends!

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