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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Family and a Beach

We took a rode trip over spring break to St. George Island, Florida.  My parents rented a house for two weeks and invited us to come stay with them.  It was a fun road trip (even when there are hard times you tend to remember the fun more) and we stopped in Alabama for a break.  The next day we got on the road and only had about 5 hours.  That allowed us to get there in time to run to the beach.

I made sure to bring the kids lots of sand toys!  The short walk to the beach was amazing.  It was the whitest sand with greenery all around.

This is the kind of beach I wanted my kids to see.  It was beautiful and we didn't have anyone near us for at least a mile.

The water was very cold this time of year, but they still enjoyed being near the water.

We took lots of walks down the beach collecting shells.  This day we watched the dolphins leap through the water right in front of our eyes.

This picture was one of my favorites!

Uncle Matt was helping look for shells and Avery and papa found one that papa put on a necklace for her.

This was the table to clean off their shells.

The pool was great, but the bugs were not:(  The kids didn't mind.  This was a great family vacation full of relaxation, conversations, and much more.  I didn't get a picture of the house, but it allowed plenty of room for us all!  It's sad this summer without the lake house, but looking back at these pictures makes these trips even more special!  Thank you mom and dad, the kids are still talking about the beach!

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