Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Friday, October 16, 2015

I Can't Believe this Wasn't Published

Blogging is not happening and isn't going to happen-unless I get a feeling to do so.  I found these precious gems today and had to put it in our books!  These are from our trip to the weather is getting cold I want to be back on the beach!

Ready to go!
We found our cousins as they were heading back from Florida
A lot of naps
This one makes my heart happy-they love hotel rooms
I couldn't believe how big these were!
First time seeing the ocean!
They swam everyday
Our view
Lost her first tooth

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