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Monday, March 9, 2015

A Little Journey Back

If I ever thought I was behind on this blog before, now is an all time record.  We have celebrated Lincoln's birthday, built a chicken coop and have now ripped out our lower level of the house.  I am going to start back...way back!

We didn't have snow all winter, but as soon as January hit, we had plenty!

There were also the occasional nice days.  Avery had a birthday party with little girls from school.  Afterwards they played outside (in their Elsa dresses of course).

Below is our chicken coop in progress.  It has been put on hold due to the weather and our house.  I can't wait to get back from spring break and get our new pets.  They will be a perfect addition to our garden.
The kids had a Valentine's Day party at school.  I love that I get to be a part of their school life.
After the party we jumped in the car to celebrate my birthday and my nieces birthday!
We did gifts in the car!
My sister-in-law called in advance to make sure I was okay with having my nieces' birthday on my birthday weekend and that it didn't collide with Lincolns' birthday.  Of course not!  What better way to kick off the weekend then to have a Paw Patrol pancake breakfast.  The kids enjoyed their time and spent time with their second cousins.
I'm glad they get to attend these events!
That night the girls came over with Miss Kristina and the adults enjoyed a group night out for Valentine's Day.  Mommy got to go shopping and got a pedi.
Then it was all snuggles awaiting another snow storm!

These days are going way too fast!  It's hard to keep up. I'll try my best because I have so much more to share!

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