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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cinderellas at the Fox

I absolutely love the theater.  I'll never forget watching my first Broadway show-Carousel-and loving every minute.  When living up in Minnesota we had season tickets to the theater and I got to see a lot.  When Nanny/Jane asked if we would be interested in seeing Cinderella at the Fabulous Fox in St. Louis, it was a yes!  Even more exciting was to spend the time with my sister-in-laws, mother-in-law and niece.  A girls weekend.    

We left early enough to have lunch before we headed to the hotel to change.  Avery has been begging to stay in a hotel room since we traveled to Disney.
The girls did great the entire time.  The show was spectacular and I enjoyed having my little girl sit on my lap and look onto the stage.
After the show we headed back to our hotel and let the girls swim...
and swim...
and swim!  This left little time to go out for dinner, so instead we ate snacks and visited.
When we got back to our room and the girls showered, they were given a bag full of excitement from nanny!
Matching PJ's, books, slippers, cups and more.
What a fun memory I'm going to have with these Watson ladies!  I hope Avery will remember and that we can do more things together.  Thank you Nanny for getting us all together and taking such good care of us.  We had a blast with you all!

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