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Thursday, January 29, 2015

His Way

I've taken a while to write this post and now I finally figured out how I feel. My last living grandparent passed away. My grandpa Ralph. My kids Papa 2. My mom's dad. As I drove home tonight after an emotional few days, I finally let myself feel sad and tears were finally really ready to flow. He's all I've ever known as a grandparent and he may have not always been the most involved grandpa, he had to do it alone. My grandma passed away very early-she was only 55! Grandpa was left alone to be the grandparent for 12 grand children! That's a huge responsibility!
He did his best and was present when it mattered! Sure he forgot to send birthday cards, but he was there the day I got married and gave the prayer before dinner. My memories are full and that's what matters. He got to see and hold 19 great grandchildren! My other grandparents didn't get that!
He flew his plan almost to the end.
He loved people and was always happy to talk...always told stories!
The above picture was from a trip to California. Abra and I were obsessed with Rodeo Dr.  and grandpa couldn't understand this! There was too much in the world to see!
The past two days were spent sharing stories, looking at pictures, and watching the video below:

As my kids waved goodbye to Papa 2 and asked a lot of questions, my sadness grew. I just assumed grandpa would be with us. He was for 33 years! I'm going to miss seeing him. I get to share his remarkable life with my kids and hopefully they will pass them down. He had the coolest stories about WWII, stories I wished I'd captured. Remember to take those pictures and listen to those stories because life has to end. It might be the right time and it might be sudden. It was his time and he did it his way!

Grandpa, I hope you found grandma, your sister and your parents! Rest in peace!

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