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Friday, January 9, 2015

Our Own Time and Watson Time

I titled this post "Our Own Time", but then I realized I had one picture on my camera haha!  Which only means I was in the moment!  As soon as we got home the kids ran in to find their stockings full and Santa had left a little at our house too.  It was fun to give them our own gifts together just the five of us.  It also gave Mark and I time to exchange gifts.  Traveling is so much work, but its worth it at this time in our lives!  

We cleaned them up and headed over to the Watson family Christmas.  Nanny had the house ready filled with delicious food and cookies the kids can't resist!  The kids know on Christmas most rules are out the door!

When the sheet was lifted... 
The kids were excited to find bags filled with presents! 

Then everyone exchanged gifts.  This year it seemed much calmer and everyone was taking turns so we could all see what they got.

a tradition is to pop open our poppers.  Inside we all found silly hats, a joke and usually a game.

Every year it gets easier to get a picture of them all... until we add to this crew someday.

Merry Christmas everyone and we hope your new year is off to a wonderful start!  We are ready for warmer weather and it's only the 9th of January!

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