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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Flying High

This weather has been breath taking!  After the winter we had, all we can do is spend every last bit of day light outside.  It is where my kids belong, it's where we all belong.  They wake up from their naps, throw on whatever shoes they have, (most of the time it's no shoes and pants are optional) and run as fast as they can to catch the fresh air. 

I stopped by the dollar store this day to fill or FROG bags (which I will explain below) and picked up kites for the kids.  At first I thought to myself, "what a mess." But within minutes they got the concept and were flying high.

Mack even decided to tie one to his jeep and it worked.  Off he cruised with a kite flying behind him.

This three dollar purchase fulfilled their need to run until too late.

They were flying high until 7:30 at night!

We have less than 12 days until the big day...
The day Mack's tube comes out.  We went to our last appointment here in our town to get his medicine and the nurse started to talk to me in the playroom where we wait.  As she started talking I BURST into tears.  Normally we are all alone, but this day there were three other parents in the room.  I was so overwhelmed with emotion!  This day has been our goal.  It's the day we can count down to.  It's the day we feel another milestone in his recovery.
It is the day that will make our life better.  Right there in that moment it hit me like a wall.  Holy SH&^ he is getting his tube out.  This means if he needs blood drawn, he gets poked.  It means we are moving forward.  We are finally at a place we can look forward to! 
This is it!  He is doing it and I'm thrilled, but it still gets me emotional for many reasons. 
While we were in the hospital Mack was always getting things from volunteers.  This could be visits from dogs, a snuggly blanket, toy after toy, and even money in a card around Valentine's Day.  We couldn't believe it and at times thought oh we can get him things.  But I look at it different now.  He loved those things and that time with visitors.  He loved having interaction with people. 
We don't have the ability to go be with patients, but we were blessed with FROG-Fully Rely on GOD.  Mack received a FROG (literally a stuffed Frog) when he was about to go into the hospital from a little boy named Paxton.  Paxton has a heart condition and knows what life in the hospital is like.  Now you can request FROG bags and we requested two.  Together as a family we filled these bags with toys, crayons, glow sticks, and much more.  We are thrilled to give these to a little boy and girl going through a hard time because we know how hard it can be.

Right now we are beginning our real count down where we will be flying high with joy as Mack gets his tube out!

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