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Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Traditions

Before we started our Easter weekend, we had some friends over for dinner.  Avery and Annabelle have developed a fun relationship and Lincoln loves her little sister Hattie Rose.

Then on Saturday afternoon we heading to the lake.  This was our 4th year being there for Easter weekend. I think it's our tradition now. We had to go later and missed the tradition of seeing the Easter bunny and egg hunt due to Avery having dance practice. 
It didn't seem to phase them because as soon as we got there, the kids were off playing.

Before dinner we colored eggs. It was nice enough to do it outside!

Then the Easter Bunny arrived! The kids got up really early with all the excitement! Earlier than the parents could stop them from going upstairs before us.

But we caught them fast!

Then we enjoy breakfast outside on the deck!

One tradition we have is going to this little church. They don't have any children in the church, so when our 6 kids arrive they are thrilled. They even planned Sunday School for them! 

After church we snapped some cute photos. Avery was being a little stinker with her brothers.

Lincoln is always running away!

As we were taking pictures the Easter Bunny dropped a lot of eggs.

This was the first year they all got the concept.

We got some cute pictures of them all with my parents! Poor Papa had to try and hold Lincoln as he tried to get away.

Then a new addition to our celebration arrived...

Nanny and Papa H.

It was fun having both sides with us and it was a lovely day. Mum and Papa were busy the whole weekend cooking feasts! I'm still thinking of all the yummyness! 

I love the picture below:

Lincoln doesn't sit long for snuggles, but he does for Nanny! We are thankful for that day and the time we got with everyone!

The next day Nanny came by our house to give them their Easter baskets.

Easter is full of family time and excitement for the kids, but we will try hard to teach them the real story of Easter...even if they do get three Easter baskets!
Happy Easter (really late!)

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