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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finishing a Week...Two Weeks Later

This spring break was like no other!  I was excited to spend time with my family and give my kids opportunities that aren't available were we live.  The first thing I did was reach out to my cousins.  Most of them have kids now and they are around my kid's ages.  The first day we headed to the Science Center to meet up with my cousin Abra, Aunt Sharon, Abra's kids, my mom, AND two of my nieces.  It's a busy place full of learning opportunities.  It gave me great ideas for future presents.  Mack and Lincoln are into dinosaurs and luckily there are a lot of dinosaurs around at the Science Center!
They dug for fossils,
and looked at a real T-Rex.  The first thing that Lincoln did was growl at him!
We stopped for a snack before heading into the Discovery Room catered to young children.
We got home just in time for a Mum lunch...each had their own table as they watched a movie.
That night I got to meet up with my cousin Katie for dinner and then My sister-in-law Sarah met us for drinks.  It was a great time as adults chatting away...a little too late!
The next day we headed over to Katie's house to play with their two girls.  I brought my two nieces-pretty funny driving around with 5 kids!  Avery said it was like a school bus:)
Friday was a special day.  It was my niece Millie's 9th birthday!  I don't think I've missed a birthday yet.  She was the first baby in our family and spent a lot of time with me!  I used to take her for weekends at a time.  I can't believe the little girl she has turned into!  Mark made it just in time to celebrate.

It was a late night full of dinner, eating a triple layered cake made by Aunt Sarah, and kids snuggling...

The next day we took it easy and the kids were wore out!  Mark and I took Avery to go see special friends and their new baby!  Can you tell I LOVE being in St. Louis?
Of course we had to visit the zoo and Sunday ended up to be the best day we had.

Lincoln couldn't understand why the animals ran from him-especially those chickens!!!  It made him mad!

It was hard to come home.  I love our home-there will never be a place where we brought all our babies home to or a place my kids can run so free.  I love our friends we have made them our family.  We love having Mark's family that live 10 minutes away and his parents that are a constant part of my kids lives.  We also love our jobs!!!  It is fun to dream about being around that much family and getting to spend so much time with them.  My kids love getting to be with their cousins (1st and 2nd).  St. Louis is filled with things to do and we enjoy getting to have weeks at a time to visit.  Thank you Mum and Papa for appreciating the loudness/craziness/no sleep we bring to your house!  We love you!

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