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Thursday, February 6, 2014

It just Kept Coming

This winter has been hard!  It's been cold and there are constantly storms coming in.  I love snow days, but now that I am back to work full time, it really messes things up.
Our kids could care less.  Avery asks everyday how many more days left of school this week:)  Well...they were lucky because it's Thursday and we still haven't had school ALL week!
A teachers dream is a snow day after Super happened for us.  Sunday night we let Mack and Avery spend the night in our bed.  I was thinking we were all getting up for school.  Then at 5:30 in the morning we got the call school was cancelled-we had an ice storm on Friday. 
The kids were excited and I was too! 
We woke up later and enjoyed our morning.  The big storm was coming the next day, so I made sure we got out of the house.  We went in to my work, where they played and I got some stuff done.  Then we met daddy at work and had lunch with him-we knew it would be a while before we saw him.
Well...sure enough Tuesday it came...and it wouldn't stop.  It was beautiful and I love the time with my kids, but being a single mom is hard.  Not during the day, but in the evenings.  When Mark is out for a storm he only comes home for a few hours at a time-usually in the middle of the night for a quick nap.  So, with the storm Friday, we haven't really seen him! 

I made sure to get them outside as much as we could.  Getting three bundled up takes about 15 minutes...and who ever made gloves with fingers for this age was crazy-Haha I have never been so frustrated!!!  They play, we shovel and then they want to go back in for hot cocoa.  Outside time usually equals about 20 minutes.  It was worth it though because the snow was beautiful.

This is the first snow Lincoln has boots and pants.  Nanny searched everywhere and got him.  He likes the snow so much more now!!
After naps, they wanted to go back outside.  As soon as I got dinner in the oven we bundled up and hiked over to the neighbors to have some interaction with adults.

Once we were there, they stripped down and enjoyed a big glass of juice. 

We have also tried some art activities.  Homemade play dough was the best-they are still playing with it!

I am NOT a cat person.  Momma cat is an outside cat that showed up.  She is so sweet and great OUTSIDE.  But as soon as I open the door she was running in.  By the time I found her...

She had snuggled in.  I feel bad, but we are trying to figure out Mack's allergies so an outdoor cat needs to stay outside.  It was fun for a little while to let her warm up while we watched our movie (one of many)
We also tried painting.  Condensed milk with food coloring makes really bright paint.  When it dries, it is very shiny and colorful. 

We hope everyone is safe and warm!  I think our week at home is coming to an end, but only one more day left in the week!

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