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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Every year since we have moved into our house we have attempted a garden. We have only had luck for one of those years! Last year it wasn't good because we left for Italy for two weeks and it was really hot. This year we are trying a new approach to get the kids involved.  On one of our outings we picked up seeds, planting soil and containers to grow the seeds in.  Here is what it all looked like... 
Not only is this a great activity for the kids, but we are hoping to save a ton of money!
Avery knew when the table cloth came out there was going to be an activity-I found her ready to go in her chair.

We started by letting them decorate the planters-it took awhile to get Mack involved...

but he got there!

It was nice and messy and I loved seeing their little hands get into the dirt.  Some might have a lot of seeds in one container, but it's all worth it.
Since I hate clutter I was worried about where to put the seeds while they grow.  We decided to use the big window upstairs right outside their rooms.  Mark got out our card table and we (my mom) found this table cloth for a dollar at Target.
Within two days we had a few sprouts!  I couldn't believe it and the kids love to show people when they come over.

Through pictures Avery and Mack can see how this process works.  Now we will water and care for our garden and hope to have produce to plant come May. 

I have to remember we are only in March because this weather makes you want to get things going outside, but I don't want to plant too early and have it fail.  Getting them involved has been a fun learning experience this week and the weeks to come.

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