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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day at the Watsons

To many Valentine's Day is a hyped up holiday made by Halmark, but to me it brings back some of my best memories. I remember all the years growing up making Valentines for my friends and family and getting little gifts from my parents. I also received flowers from my dad every year. It also meant my birthday was coming soon! This year we had a blast celebrating it with our kids. That is what it's all about! We did have to induldge in a wonderful dinner, but most of all we gave Mack and Avery a special day.

Mark arranged for flowers to arrive at the house and my work. Avery and Mack each got a rose with a stuffed animal and a balloon (big hit). Mom got a beautiful arrangement at work and Miss Mallory got flowers from Mack and Avery. Everyone was very happy. Mark received a double batch of chocolate covered strawberries and lots of candy!

Avery only cared about the puffs they got-nothing else! Mack got a new cup (he will soon be drinking out of one). Avery got forks because she really wants to feed herself.

Oh and Mack is sitting up-with some support.

What would Valentine's Day be without making cookies. Miss Mollory did these with Avery. As you can see they didn't get to finish the decorating because somebody couldn't keep her hands off them! It was pretty funny to find them with bites taken out. She takes after her daddy with the sweets.

Overall, it was a very special day that we hope will be the beginning of many traditions with our little family of four!

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