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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Birthday Weekend in St. Louis

Turning 30 has many mixed emotions, but if my 30's are anything like my 20's then bring it on. To begin my celebrations I went home this past weekend to visit my family. My mom and dad treated me to a shopping spree! I am finally getting into my old clothes and need new things that fit.

Avery and Mack had so much fun being with their Papa, Grammy, Uncle Brent, Aunt Sarah (who is due any day with our new baby girl niece-it never gets any less exciting), Millie and Lucie!

On Friday we headed out and got there right before bed time. Saturday Mark took them to visit a friend while my mom and I went shopping. Then we all went to a fabulous dinner at Gios. It was great because we had our own room and the kids could run around together. I have never seen Avery interact the way she did with her cousins. She stayed up until 10:00 jumping on the bed and watching t.v.! It was fun to see how she has changed so much! They are going to have so much fun as they grow up together-there is a true bond between them.

These three have such a blast

Our wonderful family

Papa and his little man

Papa, Mark and Mack

So what would a birthday be without your mommy to make you a cake. Yep...she did it when we got home from dinner! She was determined to do this-it was the best cake ever! Thank you Mom! Also, thank you to my wonderful dad! Brent and Sarah you also made the weekend extra special-so thank you as well! Oh course Mark is always there to make all my birthdays special and so far he has been full of greatness!!!!! Can't wait for the big party on Saturday.

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