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Friday, February 25, 2011

Mack and Avery Spend time with the 'other' Watsons

Aunt Heidi and Uncle Scott offered to watch Avery and Mack while we went out to dinner for my birthday. I was really nervous to leave both of them because they are a lot of work and I always feel guilty having someone else take care of them. It was great though! They both were happy and didn't cause any trouble ;) Avery LOVED having a buddy-Cohan! Cohan started walking recently which made it even more fun! They got to eat dinner and play together. Soon Mack will be catching up (there is only 6 months between Cohan-on BOTH sides:))and these three are going to have so much fun-I always grew up thinking my cousins were like my siblings and I hope we provide that same feeling for our kids. Family is the best! I can't wait to have more stories to share about them!
I also have to mention Uncle Jack stopped by for a visit!
Always trying to help...

Not this time! She was enjoying the ride:)

Can you imagine what these two have to say?

For my birthday celebration Nanny and Papa H offered to take BOTH kiddos. It was the first overnight with them together. I knew they were in great hands, but it was really hard for me because (again) there are two of them and Mack is six months old and it was the first time to leave him. Luckily it was great as well. They both took naps and went to sleep on time and slept in! Whew! They were both so tired after such an exciting event.

Thank God for such wonderful family members. Thank you again!

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