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Friday, October 16, 2015

Uncle Matt

Growing up with my brother wasn't always easy.  There were stares and questions and sure there were at times embarrassment, but as an adult I am so thankful for these times.  He is a person that will always keep our family grounded, will never complain, and is always wanting to know about colleges.  Most of all he loves his family. 
After soccer games we loaded the kids in the car and drove to IL were he lives to take him to dinner and watch his talent show.  Not until this weekend did I realize how sheltered my kids are.  I had tears in my eyes watching my kids be exposed to the differences which surround Uncle Matt.  It was then that the conversations/questions began. 

We spent time exploring his apartment, rec center and the land around his place.

Then we met in the gym with a lot of people and watched the show.  They were cheering and wanted to video tape Uncle Matt.  He received a big hug from Mack and Avery and Lincoln spent his time crying outside from pure exhaustion.

I hope we can do more of this in our future.  I also hope my kids grow up to be accepting to all differences!

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