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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween 2014

Once upon a time there was this little girl who wanted to be Elsa for Halloween.  She had a mother who tried and tried to encourage her to be something else...a super hero?  This little girl was not going to change her mind, so she enlisted the person who she knew would give her what she wanted.

  Nanny picked Avery up from school to begin their journey.  Mark and I had events that night, so we asked Meme to stay and bring the boys to Nanny and Avery in hopes they too could find a costume.  

At 7:00 at night they all arrived back at home.  Avery had her dream dress and the boys...well they had nothing.  Nanny fulfilled Avery's wish, but couldn't change the boys minds to be excavators!  Thank you Nanny for all your help!!  Avery LOVES her dress!

We finished the exavators just in time for the boys...


On Tuesday before Halloween Stephens College hosted a Safe Trick or Treating event.  The college students had tables set up with LOTS of treats!
Avery was in heaven with her friends from school and the boys enjoyed watching:)

I can't get over how pretty this girl is!  She is so sweet and just wonderful!
I had to watch a YouTube video to learn how to do her hair-I was pretty proud!

These cute boys did put their costumes on to show their cousins, but they came off pretty quick.  Mark did all the work and I'm so thankful he can create things like this!
Our first stop was Aunt Heidi and Uncle Scott.  It was a great way to start the night.  The kids jump right into play with each other!

Uncle Jack had dry ice!
We also took time to take some photos of the adults!
Then we headed to Nanny and Papa H's house as our tradition.  We began our Trick or Treating journey there.  Mack is not into it at all!  He stayed with Papa H. and handed out candy.  Avery and Lincoln loved running door to door in the neighborhood.

I like this picture below.  It was hard to capture these boys-always moving!

Happy Halloween!  Two more weeks until Thanksgiving-I'm so excited to host my first Thanksgiving feast!

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