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Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer in Full Swing

This summer has been eventful! We haven't been restricted and the kids are getting older.  I have felt more relaxed especially knowing this time is going fast and I will have a 5 year old in a month! There have been times where I'm burnt out being with them everyday, but then I sit back and think about what life was a year ago. They have been playing all summer long...we probably should be working on some things, but what's more educational than maintaining a garden, pickling cucumbers, digging in dirt to fill trucks, socializing with friends, and swimming until they are so tired they take 2 hour naps?
With all that being said below is a look back at our last few weeks:
For the most part they are either not wearing clothes, have pajamas on, or in a swim suit.  Above they are in pajamas/half dressed riding around with our neighbors.

We were wanting to take a trip to visit friends, but then reality steps in that we don't have the means at this time to do it. We were lucky to have friends come to us instead!
My best friend from high school came with her two kids. For the most part they played and we were busy!
We went to the pool and brought them to our favorite park.

Mark took the boys on a ride to pick up all our trees we lost:( (the storms this summer have been intense!)

We had fun sharing our town with them and were so thankful for the time we had!

After we said goodbye to the Troness family:(, we loaded up to head to the lake. There we were greeted by our three cousins, uncle Brent, mum, and papa. Later in the afternoon my cousins and their kids joined us...that led to 8 kids!!

I always said my kids would never swim in the lake.  That was during my pregnancies, Mack being really sick and our kids being babies.  Mark and I worried about how deep it is (60 feet off our dock) and how dirty it is.  This year has changed...that is why I always remember to NEVER say NEVER.  They love it!  It makes the days go very fast when you walk down to the dock and they are jumping in.  I have to remember all the years I spent as a child swimming in it and I turned out okay:)

Sometimes 8 kids can be overwhelming but not this weekend.  The kids played together the entire time and the adults were on point getting them all fed.
The evenings were quite because they were so tired.  My mom has been collecting prizes for our bingo game and she got it out on Saturday night. The kids loved it- it's a new lake game!

All this fun has put a toll on the boys (even Mark:)). There are days they are super whining and need to sleep more.
We left Avery at the lake for golf camp this week and the boys and I are enjoying a few days at home relaxing and resting before we go back. Next week we get to spend time with my other cousin and aunt!

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