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Sunday, July 27, 2014

32 years and 9 Months of Being Friends

Since having children, my closest in age cousin, and I have not spent much time together. We used to see each other every summer-mostly at the lake-write letters to each other, and talk on the phone when growing up. We lived in Chicago and then Minnesota and they lived near St. Louis. Our moms made a commitment to keep us close since we didn't have sisters. It was nice to have someone to talk to while growing up and it was the next best thing to having a sister. Once college arrived I was even closer to her-I came to Stephens and my parents moved to st Louis-this lead to me coming home ALL the time. That meant I was usually with my Aunt and Uncle and Abra!

Now we see each other at family events, but we have a lot of cousins to catch up with. This past week, Abra and my Aunt Sharon came to the lake. My mom got to catch up with her sister and Abra and I got to catch up...even if we had an age range of kids that were 6,5,4,3,2,1!!!

The week basically went like this: wake up to coffee, swim, nap and spend the evening on the deck talking to late in the evening!
We also snuck in a shopping trip and I got suckered into buying my kids
Toys even with two of their birthdays a month away! 

My mom got them new puzzles. I didn't realize how much they enjoy them and how good they are for them.
Avery spent two days on hers.

Of course my kids are tired:)
So we decided to talk Mark into joining us down here to have some family time. It was much needed because we missed him a lot!! We saw our first family movie and have just laid around.

33 years is a long time to have someone in your life! My hope is our kids develop these cool relationships with their cousins... even enough to have them as their maid of honor! Thank you Abra and Aunt Sharon!!!!!

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