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Monday, December 2, 2013

A time That Warms My Heart

There is so much to be said about this holiday season.  A year ago I remember being completely exhausted and scared for my son.  I remember feeling lost because we didn't know what was going on with him.  I remember not being in the mood for the holidays. 
This year feels completely opposite.  Mack is getting better and day by day we are more hopeful in his healing.  His numbers aren't the best, but they are steady.
This year we have begun to feel safe.
To start this holiday season, we headed to the lake to be with my family.  It warmed my heart because we were surrounded with family for three days.  We even had my great grandpa with us!
The day started with running a 10K!  It was the longest I've run and it made me realize I could do a half marathon!  Mark ran with his friend (ahead of me) and I started with my sister-in-law Heidi.  We started off fast (for me), but it was great because it pushed me to hold that pace and I finished in a time I couldn't believe!  My other sister-in-law Sarah (who just ran the Chicago marathon) ran with my niece for the 5K-it was Millie's 2nd 5k!!  I didn't run my first until I was 30!  It was a cold morning, but great to be surrounded by inspiring people.

When we got back to the lake, my parents and brother were already busy in the kitchen.  The smells filled the air.  We jumped in to help as much as we could, but I was a little weak after the run...until the Champaign was popped!

We were attempting a family photo...again...

Avery has started to be interested in taking pictures.  Here are a few:

Avery told my parents how excited she was for Papa 2 to come.  She said he was so cool!

My other two kids would NEVER go to anyone.  Lincoln is sweet to love on everyone-usually it's my mom, but he did a little bonding with my brother this week.  It's different to not have him always begging to be held, but I love seeing him with others.

We had two turkeys and a Turducken!  We had plenty of food!
Mack wanted a paper airplane...I can't make one, but Papa 2 could!

One not so pleasant discovery for Lincoln was escaping out of his Pack-n-Play!  Yes, this is fun with a 21 month old!  He was a little mess because he wasn't sleeping.  Here is papa trying to make him happy:

At the end of the night we popped popcorn and watch Christmas Vacation.

The kids are completely exhausted, but my heart is filled with warmth and memories!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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