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Friday, November 16, 2012

A Long Time Coming

Before all our craziness with Mack-we were having FUN with the craziness of another Watson wedding.

Mark's youngest brother got married to a beautiful girl at a beautiful winery.  It was a little far from my parent's house, so we all got hotel rooms.  The kids loved being in a new place.  Avery said, "wow mommy this is really nice."  There was lots of room and we made sure to pack a lot of things for them to do.  They were never short of food!  My mom came to help me with the kids.

The day before the wedding we had the rehersal-the bus ride was fun!

Then we came back to get the kids for the dinner.
Ireland and Lincoln

The kids were a little crazy at the rehearsal,but they had fun with each other.  My kids had lots of love to give to Ireland.

The day of the wedding was spent getting ready and just hanging out.  I didn't have my camera for much of the day, so I am missing a lot.  These pictures were taken from a family friend.
This is about when I realized something was off with Mack

Such a beautiful place!

After the kids left, Mark and I had more time to celebrate with the newly weds.  We had so much fun and danced all night!  We hadn't done that in a very long time.

Tip: place candy at the bottom of the flowers if you are worried they won't get down.  She walked down and stayed up there the whole time.

We are very excited to have Meagan officially be in our family-she has been with us almost as long as Mark and I have been together.  She is a wonderful person and cares SO much about our kids.

The next day we picked up two exhausted kids!

Jack and Meagan, thank you for a fun time-we are so thankful we had that time with the two of you and can't wait for many more memories through the years!  Cheers to Happy Times!

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