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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I LOVE This Day

He sure did eat some paint while doing this...
Since I was a little girl I have always loved Valentine's Day.  I think because of all the fun activities, colors, and most importantly my birthday is two days later.  My parents always made it special and my dad sent me flowers, so for my parties I had flowers to display.  Now that I have my own kids, I want to make it special for them.  Yes, it can still be romantic and be a day to remind your husband how much you love each other, but Mark and I agree it's more for the kids.
 The day before Valentine's Day was a snow day, so I got the entire day with them.  We started off by making Valentines for Daddy and Miss Emily.  We used the idea of using toilet paper rolls in the shape of hearts (taken from the Kid Friendly site).  They really loved dipping it in paint.
 On the actual day I had to work, but Mark sent me flowers to work and sent the kids flowers with balloons-even Miss Emily got a delivery of flowers.  Mark is so great at that and thoughtful!  He always shows us how much he loves us. 
They also got little gifts.  They are starting to understand the fun in opening presents!

Below are pictures of all our fun and gifts:
These are their flowers and balloons

They made cookies

They also used old crayons and put them in heart molds to make these

My flowers and Mark's chocolate covered strawberries

Just a glimpse

BUSTED!  Just ate a chocolate covered strawberries

Happy Valentine's Day late-now today is another day to celebrate...
The big 31st birthday! I LOVE this day too!

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