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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Dad's Weekend

Being a mom is very rewarding and full of excitement, but sometimes it's nice to have a break!
Our good friends are getting married and Anna included me in her bachelorette party. I have to admit I was a little hesitant since I'm a mom of three and out of the "party" stage. I don't know what I was thinking! I got to hang out with lovely ladies, have cocktails, lay out in the sun and then head out for the night...and sleep in the next morning. What a treat!!

These ladies were a blast! I danced and laughed all night. Thank you Anna for a fun night.

Meanwhile at home, Mark was creating a memorable weekend for our kids. He gets excited to have them alone and do the things he wants. This included fireworks, BBQ, bonfire with s'mores, and having his guy friends over! 

As you can see he has good friends that love our kids. He called it man on man defense:) MAN TIME!

They all got to have a sleepover in our bed-until Lincoln had enough and wanted his own bed. 

The next day Mark took the kids to a Cardinal game with another friend. My parents gave them the tickets for this special game.  They got there super early to get a free Build a Bear. It's a Clydesdale.

It was very hot! But they enjoyed the experience especially when they received cotton candy from our friend!

Mr. Lincoln got his own special treat...

He got alone time with Nanny and Papa H. They let him play at their house, took him to the river and then finished it off with McDonalds! He arrived back home just in time for naps. Thank you Nanny and Papa H. He loved it!

It was a wonderful weekend filled with fun things. I'm appreciative of my husband who adores our children and gets excited to give me a night away! Sometimes a mom just needs that. One more week with my babies before work. I'm going to miss these lazy times, but I also love to work!

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